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Poker Games for the Action Junkie

It's no secret that poker players are gamblers at heart. While some players are definitely more cautious and consider "gambling" to be a bit of a dirty word, others are complete action junkies who welcome the thrill of big swings on the felt. Some of the world's most famous poker pros, like Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Tom "Durr" Dwan, have made names for themselves by experiencing some of the biggest wins and losses in poker history while seated in action games.

If you are looking for action, there are several poker games that can provide some insane plays and unexpected swings to keep things interesting. Although Hold'em is the most popular poker game in the world, it has become so perfected among good players that many high stakes pots are now played heads up, which diminishes the action. If you are looking for a little more excitement, you'll have to look at learning some other poker games. All of these games are available to play online, which is a great place to learn and practice the rules of a small investment.

Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)

PLO is known for its huge pots and poor players, which is a great combination for anyone who can play this game well. It is arguably the number one poker game in terms of action, mostly due to Hold'em players who overvalue their Omaha hands because they are not used to playing with four hole cards. Despite the pot-limit cap on betting, players routinely get all in by the river.

Draw Games

Games like Badugi, 2-7 Triple Draw and 5 Card Draw are great games to play if you are looking for a lot of gambling action. Because these are all draw games, in which there are no community cards (as there are in Omaha and Hold'em) or exposed cards (like in Stud games), players have less information about each other's hands and therefore are forced to gamble a bit more. You must rely solely on the betting habits of your opponents to gain information, which makes these draw games even more exciting. Additionally, your entire hand can be damaged or improved dramatically with each draw, which creates even more action.

Razz (Seven Card Stud Low)

While most stud games are not notoriously known for a great deal of action, Razz stands out among them as the "action stud game." In this Stud variation, players are looking to make the best low hand rather than a traditional high hand. Straights and flushes are disregarded but pairs count against you. Razz is notorious for putting even the best players on tilt, which is perhaps the reason there is often so much action. There's nothing worse than getting your hand completely ruined in Razz by pairing up after starting with a strong holding. Unfortunately, Razz is not always a wild game, as the action is largely determined by the players seated in the game. However, it usually only takes one bad card on seventh street to put an opponent on tilt and create more lively action for everyone at the table.

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