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Video poker jackpots

Jackpot is a concept known mainly from slot machines, but it has been introduced in many other casino games, including video poker. As in other games, video jackpot is hit when the player gets a special winning combination. In case of video poker this is most often a royal flush.
If you decide to try for a video poker jackpot, you can usually choose between games with a fixed jackpot and a progressive one, which pool grows each time a video poker player makes a bet. In case of the former, your video poker winnings may be smaller, but at the same time you will most often not be required to make a maximum bet to be eligible for hitting a jackpot. In case of progressive video poker jackpots, hitting a royal flush after making a smaller bet will only bring you a regular payout, and you will have a chance to score a jackpot only if you make a maximum bet.
Because of that hinting for a video poker jackpot may be an expensive and time-consuming business. You should therefore remember to play smart and not focus solely on the video poker jackpot, as statistically the chances of hitting the video poker jackpot are much smaller than hitting any other video poker win. Because of that you should not easily discard a good video poker hand and give up a chance to score a smaller payout, just because you hope to hit a jackpot. After all several smaller wins will boost your account and provide you more cash to use on video poker games.

While logically your chances of hitting a video poker jackpot can be small, the thrilling truth is that there is still quite a lot of players who hit them. Perhaps you will not hit it after many hours of playing video poker, but it may also happen right on your first day. How is that for an adrenaline boost























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